Why Organic Mattresses and Pillows are Worth the Cost

Madeline: Posted 28/07/2015

When you lay down to sleep each night, it should be a time for your body to rest and rebuild after a busy day of work. But, many people are unknowingly harming their health when they are sleeping at night, because they are using the wrong types of mattresses and pillows.

Most people choose their mattress and pillow based on comfort and price, which are both important factors to consider. But, even more important is the impact the bedding will have on your health. Unfortunately, most bedding is loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins that are dangerous to your health.

Mattress Manufacturing Requirements

In the United States, there are certain laws in place that require that a mattress passes specific standards. For example, the manufacturer needs to show that the mattress is flame retardant, so they often use toxic chemicals that satisfy these requirements. Typical materials used to make a mattress are not naturally flame retardant, which is why the manufacturers add the chemicals.

These flame retardant requirements are quite strict, so quite a few chemicals need to be used to meet the requirements. One of the tests mattresses go through is whether they will catch on fire if a blow torch is used on the mattress. So, manufacturers douse the mattress with chemicals to pass this test.

One of the common chemicals used is polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), and there are no requirements to disclose the use of this chemical on the mattress. Even though PBDEs are commonly used in the United States, they have been banned in many other countries because of the negative health effects from the toxicity. PBDEs are not allowed in a few states in the US, as well as throughout Europe and Canada. Health problems from PBDEs include cancer, thyroid issues, reproductive problems, and even brain damage.

Time Spent on the Mattress

If you sleep eight hours a night, it means that 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping. During the night, you are laying on a toxic mattress and pillow, and your body is absorbing these chemicals all through the night. When you are sleeping, the body is supposed to be repairing and healing, but it is fighting off the chemicals which limits the benefits of your sleep.

It is worth the investment to buy a high quality, organic mattress and pillow. Even though you might pay a little more money for the bedding, you will be saving money by avoiding doctor and hospital bills in the future.

How to Choose an Organic Mattress and Pillow

Don’t be overwhelmed at the idea of trying to choose an organic pillow and mattress, because there are companies who provide the types of products that you are looking for. These companies are dedicated to helping consumers like you find high quality bedding, and there are several factors that are considered during the manufacturing process.

First, you need to look at the types of materials that were used to produce the mattress. Healthy, natural materials might include any of these products, or a blend of a few of them:

° Organic cotton, free of chemical treatments

° Organic wool, which provides the flame retardant requirements without chemical treatments. Additionally, wool is naturally resistant to bacteria and mold, and it repels water.

° Organic latex, which can be used to make the mattress supportive and firm without using metal springs. It also helps with temperature regulation, and prevents dust mites and mold.

No matter the materials that are used for your mattress or pillows, you need to make sure that they are not treated with chemicals or other toxic ingredients.

If any of your family members suffer from allergies, then they will definitely notice a difference when they switch to organic bedding. Many of the common materials used in organic bedding are hypoallergenic, because they resist common allergen triggers such as mildew, mold, and bacteria. Additionally, people with allergies are often very sensitive to toxic chemicals. So, an organic mattress is beneficial for two reasons: no more chemicals and reduced allergens.

Healthy Sleeping for Your Whole Family

When you learn more about the way the mattresses impact the health of your family, then you will see the advantage of getting rid of your current mattresses and switching them out for organic alternatives instead. This change is especially important for young children, because they are at the most risk for toxic exposure from the chemicals.

I have decided to make the decision to switch the mattresses in my home, especially for my son and did quite a bit of research about the various options that are available. Ultimately, I decided on Mountain Air Organics, because they are a trusted company with high quality products. Check out their website for more information.



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