Why are Scented Wall Plugins Toxic?

Madeline: Posted 25/11/2014

It is pleasant to walk into a home and smell a fresh scent, and many people like to use wall plugins to keep their home smelling great. But, just because it smells good doesn’t mean that it is good for you, and there are many dangerous health consequences to using regular wall plugins in your home.

Reading the Labels

Wall plugins can be deceiving because they don’t often include an ingredient list on the package. You can read marketing language such as “fresh” or “fragrance” without understanding the chemicals that are used to create the scent.

The difficulty with these household products is that there is a legal loophole, which allows the manufacturers to sell the products without publishing the ingredients that are used. Some of the packages provide their website address where a customer can go to see the ingredients. But, when you get to the website, instead of an ingredient list, it provides company contact information if you want to know the ingredients in the product.

Why are these manufacturers so sneaky about the ingredients that are added into the plugin air fresheners? It is because those ingredients can be very toxic to your health!

Chemicals in Scented Wall Plugins

A study completed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found that most common household air fresheners contained toxic, volatile organic compounds. These compounds are carcinogenic, and include things such as phthalate esters.

Numerous health problems can occur when a person is exposed to these compounds. Some of the common symptoms include asthma, reproductive problems, diarrhea, earaches, headaches and depression.

By plugging the air freshener into the wall or using an aerosol air freshener, you are exposing your family to a host of health problems. These symptoms might not develop immediately, but the toxic compounds can build up in the body over time and cause long-term health issues.

A Better Alternative: Wax Melts with Essential Oils

Instead of plugging a chemical scent into your wall, a better alternative is to choose 100% organic coconut wax melts infused with essential oils. These products are scented naturally with plant compounds, and they are free of the harmful chemicals that are commonly found in household air fresheners.

When you are using essential oil wax melts, you are adding helpful compounds into the air which can boost the health of your family. For example, it has been found that orange essential oil is a natural mood booster, and using orange essential oil in a wax melt can make everyone in the home a little happier and uplifted. Or, if you want to help your kids wind down at night, use a wax melt with lavender because it is very soothing and relaxing.

After I learned about the dangerous chemicals in household air fresheners, I got rid of them immediately and started using essential oil wax melts instead. Through some research, I found a product line that I can trust, and I love that I can make my home smell great and protect the health of my family at the same time. Click here to see the scents that I use in my home. Some of my favorite are Fiery Fall, Dynamite Day, and Spirited Mint.



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