What is the Best Alternative to Animal Milk?

Madeline: Posted 05/11/2014

More people are learning about the inhumane and unhealthy practices that are used to produce conventional cow milk, and as a result, many of those people are looking for an alternative to animal milk. If you are making the change from animal milkto a plant milk source, then it is important that you understand the health benefits of various types of plant milk. Here are a few options to consider:

Almond Milk: Store Bought or Homemade?

Almond milk is usually the first type of plant milk that comes to mind, and it is becoming quite popular among the people who are lactose intolerant and trying to stay away from cow milk. There are benefits to almond milk, but those benefits are mainly found in homemade almond milk.

When you purchase almond milk from the grocery store, it often has unhealthy ingredients that have been added to the milk. A common additive is some type of sweetener, which will spike your blood sugar levels when you drink the milk. Another common additive is carrageenan, which helps to achieve the right thickness and consistency in the milk. The problem with carrageenan is that it has been found to cause stomach and intestinal inflammation, and can lead to a number of other health conditions.

So, if you are planning to drink almond milk, then it is best that you avoid the store-bought brands and make your own almond milk instead. It can take a lot of time to make almond milk though, so you might consider another option.

Coconut Milk

A creamy alternative is coconut milk, which can be very tasty and healthy. Coconuts contain fatty acids that can be quickly broken down in the body and converted to fast energy, making it a great food to consume on a regular basis.

The problem with coconut milk is the same problem that we found in almond milk: there are often unwanted ingredients added to coconut milk. As with almond milk, you might consider making your own coconut milk, but many people don’t have the extra time to make homemade coconut milk.

Hemp Milk

If you want a delicious taste and optimal nutrition at the same time, then hemp milk should be your replacement for animal milk. Hemp milk is created by blending water and hemp seeds, and straining it to remove any of the solid compounds. Many people describe the taste as “nutty,” and there are many health benefits to drinking hemp milk on a regular basis.

You can set aside your worries about hemp milk being dangerous or illegal because the truth is that the hemp plant doesn’t have high enough THC levels to make you experience psychoactive side effects. This plant is legal to grow in many countries around the world, and there have been many health benefits associated with the consumption of hemp.

One of the most important benefits is that hemp milk is easier to digest, and it doesn’t cause any of the health problems that are often experienced when drinking cow milk. It is high in omega fatty acids, and contains all 10 of the essential amino acids that your body needs. Additionally, it is a great source of calcium and protein.

If you want to avoid animal milk and choose a healthier alternative, then hemp milk is one of the best plant-based sources that you can buy!



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