The Lunch Break

Madeline: Posted 18/11/2014

Like many of you out there, at 11:59 a.m. I am anxiously awaiting those last 60 seconds to tick down to lunch. For me the “lunch break” is not about the break but about the actual lunch. As a person who works out in the morning, my stomach is rumbling by noon. For many years, I would put together a sandwich of cold-cut lunch meats on some nice white bread, slathered with thick mayo. Maybe if I was lucky, I would put those cold cuts onto a roll or a half loaf of Italian bread. If I wasn’t making lunch at work, where the fridge was always stocked up with high sodium, choke-full-o-nitrate processed meats,   I would pay an arm and a leg at the deli for them to make that same belly bomb for me! On Long Island, you see a deli on every other corner.

After years of this, with an ever increasing waist size and utter confusion over what was wrong with my workouts, I finally gave in and started inquiring with others. Nutritionists. Homeopathic doctors. Friends. My wife. Momma Maddy, as you may know her, is my loving wife and has been a major part of my life for the last 8 years. And finally, she has been able to convince me that I should consider kicking what I call “The Boar’s Head Habit.”  You see, I have learned that nutrition accounts for more than 75% of your physique whereas ‘working out’ only accounts for about 25%.

Solutions to a Slim Waist Line

Here are some easy ways to manage what you are eating at work during the lunch break and the other snacking breaks throughout the day: Avoid the cookie jar, the fridge, the cupboard, and all the spots that people stash grub at your office or workplace. How have I lost 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks? Easy!  I have been bringing my lunch and snacks with me to work every day.

My wife and I spend some time every Sunday night making our lunch for the whole week (that’s right, the whole week!) and by cooking the healthy foods that you know you like or love once a week, you can cover yourself for the whole week. This way you know exactly what you are putting into your body and you know you are eating healthy every day. Some people may be thinking, “Ugh, the same food every  day? How boring!” However, you would be surprised with how a little variation can go a long way towards making the meals different every day. We make a few servings of veggies, sweet potatoes, chicken, fish, etc. We then estimate our portions so that we know we roughly have enough for the both of us. And that is it! Every night we spend a few minutes putting the lunch together and make a small salad as a snack (salad is better made fresh rather than sitting for a week) and voila!  8 pounds lost in 6 weeks.

If you have children, you can be making their lunch as well as your own, and I can guarantee that this lunch will be a much healthier and more filling choice than the empty calorie choices at both of your cafeterias. Having those extra minutes to spend relaxing at your lunch break is also nice as well, because you cut out all that time wasted trying to figure out where you are going for lunch or what you are eating.

Advantages of Cooking at Home

And while your waistline recedes, your pocket will get a little thicker. If you are used to spending $10-15 a day on snacks and lunch, that could equate to $50-75 a week. Double that if your spouse is in the same boat. Add in $2-3 a day for each child…. Ouch!  By making healthy, homemade food a regular part of your lunch, you will see results all the way around. No more empty calories, no more excessive lunch bills, and last but not least, a full lunch break to savor your food and enjoy that “me” time.  Look for recipes and lunch ideas to follow on Mommas Organics blog. Bon appétit!

Written By: Poppa Jay


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