Poppa Jay’s 10 Day Transformation

Madeline: Posted 31/01/2015

It has been two weeks since my cleanse has ended, and it feels great to be back into the swing of things. By swing of things, obviously I am referring to eating food!  But honestly, the results speak for themselves. Over the course of my cleanse, I jotted down a few things I wanted to share with you; think “do’s and don’ts.” But first, let me give you some of the info on this cleanse.

Purium Health Products is a fantastic company that Momma Maddy and I have been using for a couple years now. Initially, we were buying and using their clean, vegan, organic protein powderfor our breakfast smoothies, but when we found out about some of their other products, we began our current relationship with this wonderful company and now offer it on our solutions page.

David Sandoval’s 10-Day Celebrity Transformation cleanse consists of a power shake, a fiber shake, amino acids, ionic elements, and my favorite, Apothe-Cherry. Over the course of 10 days, your body will get the nutrients it needs through a combination of the aforementioned products, but at a much lower total caloric intake. Plus, you get to add a number of “flex” items as they are called: green veggies, apples, decaf teas, etc. The “flex” items are great because you learn to appreciate food since you are savoring those few items you get to enjoy over the course of the day. This alone will help you  shed weight as your body is consuming at a caloric deficit as compared to what it is used to.

The beauty of this cleanse; however, is that your body will not only be receiving the nutrition it needs, but for most people, it will be the cleanest, most nutrient dense diet you will ever have! This was not easy, at least at first. It certainly took will power and determination to get through it. But it was worth it at the end. Here are my tips for the best results:

° Don’t cheat. I made this number one because most failure lies in our inability to follow through with the hard tasks we are faced in life. If you truly cannot be honest with yourself for 10 days, maybe you need to see a therapist LOL.

° Prepare yourself mentally. You know you want the results, so come up with a mantra. Mine was “eggs and pancakes for breakfast in (# of days left) days.” It may seem funny, but in those moments where you may crack, repeating your mantra will help you get over the momentary food distraction.

° Clear the cupboard. Get rid of the bad habits in the cabinet, cookie drawer, microwave, wherever you keep your “stash.” If it is there, it will test your will power even more.

° Have spouse/significant other/friend/family participation. By having other people “buy in” to what you are doing, they will offer moral support to help you through. A text, a call, or a fb message can all give you that little bit you need to make it through between the meals. I actually did my cleanse with a friend, so we texted one another constantly about our cravings and what we planned on eating once it was over. It was a little silly, but honestly, it helps.

° Don’t go back when it is all over. Seriously. You made it. There is no need to go buy a bag of Doritos or sweet goodies to celebrate. Make a conscious effort to read nutrition labels, eat more organic, eat slowly and enjoy your food, and mix in more “good” food. By “good” I mean healthy, nutritious, whole foods. Processed foods loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients are not “good.”

For the non-believers or those who want to see me in boxers, take a look at my before and after photos. My morning weight before: 205.8 lbs. After: 191.6 lbs. 14 days after completion: 192.2 lbs.

My gut (not my waist, but the beer belly LOL) before: 40”. After: 35”. 14 days later: 35.5”.

By being more aware of my consumption, I have managed to avoid the bounce that occurs when people binge after crash diets. Maintaining a proper diet after any type of cleanse is key to avoiding putting all the weight back on.

Momma Maddy is currently developing a whole nutritional program (we don’t use the word “diet” when it is considered a way of life) that consists of a foundation for an organic lifestyle, healthy meals full of good, whole foods, along with tools you will need to cook wholesome meals at home, etc. Email her if you are interested!


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