Poofy Organics

Poofy Organics

Poofy Organics Has Hundreds of USDA Organic Products!

Why Poofy?

Did you know that POOFY ORGANICS lists all ingredients for EVERY product? Every. Single. Ingredient. No “trade secret” ingredients listed, no ingredients bundled in with others under an unrecognizable name and no hiding behind legal loopholes. Just pure, organic ingredients that are safe for you and your loved ones. POOFY ORGANICS is GREEN and completely transparent!

Commercial products are often filled with harmful chemicals, additives and fragrances despite producing irreversible harmful effects on the body and the environment. Our products are safe for our world, children, pets and expectant mothers.

Poofy Organics a small family-run business and proud of their accomplishments. Products are made fresh, by hand, at their premises in small batches and fragranced only with essential oils and extracts that have long been used for therapeutic properties. When they say ORGANIC, they mean it! With USDA organic certification, you can trust that you’re getting the purest products possible!

People say that when you have a child your whole life and perspective change. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. As I was preparing for motherhood 9 months ago, I researched everything under the sun from pampers, to wipes, to body washes, to lotions, and etc. I compared products, prices, and looked at a ton of reviews. After that, I registered for things I felt were the best for my baby. That was until I found Poofy Organics.

I found Poofy Organics through a private mommy group on Facebook. I am that “crunchy” mom that’s always on the hunt for clean, honest products. After perusing the site a few months ago, I was more than pleased and couldn’t believe the array of choices I was being given. Certified USDA Organic? Cosmetics? Baby products? Mens line? Teens line? Body essentials?  All of this and more at very reasonable prices; I was blown away. After that, I knew instantly that I had to be a part of this green company that mirrors my views and beliefs. I am an educator at heart and my mission in life is to teach and spread awareness. This opportunity is given when I gather with people that are interested in learning how they can be toxic-free. I get to share my knowledge and experiences, having immediate affects on new and old friends.

I am looking forward to many years with Poofy Organics and you should, too!