Naturally Beautiful: Natural Ways to Dye Your Hair

Madeline: Posted 12/07/2016

Women often make many sacrifices for the sake of beauty, and it is a standing myth that certain sacrifices are necessary to obtain the ultimate beauty that you desire. Instead of getting caught up in the hype, it is better to focus on your health and let the natural beauty come through. In fact, there are many natural solutions that can be used in place of common beauty products, and today we are going to focus on the topic of hair dye.

Dangers of Modern Beauty Products

A walk down the beauty aisle at your local drug store seems like a harmless thing to do, but the truth is that those bottles of hair products, makeup, and creams are filled with ingredients that are very dangerous to your health. There are thousands of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients added into beauty products, making it very difficult to sort through the products that you should and shouldn’t be using.

Next time you are at the store, take a few minutes to pick up a few bottles and read the ingredient labels. You might be shocked to see long lists of ingredients that you can barely pronounce. These products are made with a concoction of chemicals and hormone disruptors that can lead to a number of health problems.

It is easy to mistakenly assume that these ingredients aren’t that harmful, and some people justify the use of these things since the beauty products aren’t ingested. But, when these products come in contact with your skin or if you breathe the fumes from the bottle, then your body will assimilate the dangerous compounds that are found within the chemicals. Remember, your skin is the largest organ on your body, and it absorbs the products that come in contact with your skin on a daily basis.

You might not notice any negative health problems from a single use or several uses of these dangerous beauty products. The real problems can start to occur over time, especially since the products will start to cause hormone balancing issues and other health problems.

Dying Your Hair in a Natural Way

Just because there are so many dangerous beauty products on the market, doesn’t mean that you don’t have any options when it comes to beauty treatments. With a little bit of research and some practice, you can find natural ways to support your health and improve your appearance at the same time.

If you are worried about a few gray hairs that are sneaking in or you want to change the color of your hair, then think twice before you head to the beauty salon. It is important that you do your research first though, so that you understand the right application techniques for your type of hair. Different hair thickness and styles require different treatments, so you might need to experiment with it a few times before you find the best solution for your needs.

Most people agree that these natural methods work best over time. So, if you don’t get the color results that you want initially, then you need to consider multiple applications in order to achieve the results you desire.

Adding Color into Your Hair

Do you want to add hues of brown or red into your hair? Try using ingredients such as tomato, hibiscus, nutmeg, pureed beets, and henna. These ingredients can be added into the hair in a cream or paste, then washed out in the shower. Look for specific directions about the type of ingredient that you are planning to use, to ensure that you are following the right instructions.

If you are interested in adding brighter colors, then you might consider using natural eye shadow on small strips of hair. This method is temporary, but it can work really well to add a bright streak in your hair. Try liquid or cream eye shadow instead of powder, and apply it by pulling out a section of your hair and streaking it with the eye shadow.

Lightening the Color of Your Hair

There are several methods that can be used to lighten the color of your hair. Honey has been shown to lighten the hair, but only for certain hair types. Another effective option is lemon juice, which can have lightening effects when applied to the hair before spending time in the sun. Hydrogen peroxide can also add blond streaks into your hair, although you need to be cautious because it could potentially damage your hair if used incorrectly.

For people who are interested in lightening their hair, typically the best method is to apply the treatment before spending time outside. For example, add lemon juice into a spray bottle and spray your hair down, and then spend 45 minutes outside in the sunshine. The rays of the sun will work along with the lemon juice to bring out the natural highlights in your hair.


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