Natural Remedies for Teething Babies

Madeline: Posted 29/09/2015

As a parent, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your child in pain. Teething is a hard time for both children and parents, causing many people to turn to the internet looking for natural remedies to help their child feel relief. Here are a few options that you might try:

Essential Oils for Teething

Essential oils offer a great way to soothe sore gums and promote healing when your child is teething, and these natural plant extracts can be used for many other health concerns as well. If you plan to use essential oils on babies, you need to use them sparingly and make sure that the oils are diluted with a carrier oil. Only certain essential oils are safe to use with children, so you should always check each individual oil before using it on your child.

Prepare the essential oil mixture by adding 1 – 2 drops of essential oils with 2 tablespoons of carrier oil. Examples of good carrier oils include coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. These are some of the best essential oils for teething:

Lavender: Very soothing for the gums and also calms the child.

Clove: A great option to reduce the pain and discomfort of irritated gums and/or a toothache.

Roman Chamomile: Relaxing properties to soothe the child and help the baby relax.

Peppermint: Cools and soothes the child to reduce teething pain.

Be very careful with the clove oil, because it is a “hot” oil that will irritate your child’s skin if it isn’t diluted.

When you are ready to apply the essential oils to your child, put a drop of the mixture on your finger and gently massage the oils into the outside of the cheek of your child. Don’t put the oils directly in the child’s mouth, because it is best to avoid having the child use the oils internally. Also, avoid putting the oils on the child’s lips since the lips are sensitive to the oils.

The final option to use essential oils with a diffuser instead of applying the oils to the child. The diffuser will spread the oils through the air, and the baby will receive benefits of the oils when they breathe in the small compounds that are released through the air by the diffuser.

Amber Teething Necklaces

Did you know that Baltic amber has natural analgesic properties, which is beneficial to help decrease pain and irritation from teething? When the amber is against the child’s skin, succinic acid can be absorbed into the body.

Even though some people are skeptical about the effectiveness of these treatments, many parents agree that amber necklaces have been very helpful for their teething children. I personally have used an amber necklace with my son since he was 3 months old and he has demonstrated minimal discomfort and drooling.  If you choose to use this natural remedy, some suggest that you make sure that you don’t leave the necklace on the child unsupervised, in order to avoid potential chocking danger. Keep in mind, this is a personal choice. If  this is a concern for you,  wrap the necklace on the baby’s arm or leg instead of the neck.  My son has worn his necklace around his neck 24/7 without any issues.

If you are going to use amber teething necklaces for your child, make sure that you are selective about the quality of necklace that you purchase. Many “amber” products these days are made of resign or artificial compounds that are treated in a way to look beautiful and sparkly. So, be sure that you are purchasing real amber instead of a fake. I suggest finding a local health store and purchasing it there. Amazon also has some options you may want to consider.

Baby Teethers for Frozen Food

Cold foods are a great way to numb the gums and help the baby experience relief. You can buy a fresh food feeder which is a small mesh basket shaped similar to a binkie. You can place frozen fruit into the mesh holder and the baby can chew on the mesh to soothe their gums.

Since the frozen fruit is held safely in the mesh holder, you don’t need to worry about the baby chocking on the fruit. Try adding in frozen bananas, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, pineapple, and more. If you don’t have frozen fruit, you can even add a piece of ice or a cold baby carrot.

Facial Massage

Even though it might sound like a simple solution, a gentle facial massage can be very beneficial to help your baby find relief. If your baby is willing, try rubbing the gums, jaw, and face. Use a light touch and a circular motion, and watch the baby’s cues to see the areas that are helping and hurting.

Sometimes the baby might resist or get more uncomfortable from the massage, which is a sign that you should stop or change massage locations. Other times, the baby will be soothed by the soft, gentle motions. You might even see your baby self-massaging by rubbing their face against a blanket or their crib, moving their hands across their cheeks, or pulling on their ears while nursing.



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