Mountain Air Organic Beds

Mountain Air Organic Beds

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100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton for our fabric
100% Eco-Wool and/or Organic Wool for our batting
100% Organic Latex Rubber for our mattress core
That’s it!

Mountain Air Organic Beds’ mattresses aren’t like traditional, solid-slab mattresses (which sometimes feel like a solid slab of rock, after all). Each Mountain Air Organic Beds mattress contains 3-4 layers of all-natural latex available in three levels of firmness – soft, medium and firm. Choose any combination for the custom level of comfort you need. Best of all, our split-level design gives you an individual sleep surface on each side, so you’ll never have to argue about how firm of a bed to buy.

Some people don’t want to buy a mattress online because they want to see how a mattress feels first. But the truth is that you can’t tell much from lying on a showroom mattress for a few minutes. There’s just no way to predict how you’ll feel after sleeping on a bed all night, every night, for several weeks. Fortunately, Mountain Air Organic Beds has the solution for both online and in-store shoppers: You have 100 days after your purchase to exchange your layers as many times as you like. In-store exchanges are free; simply pay actual shipping on mailed layers.

Mountain Air Organic Beds DO NOT have the following:

Because they only use 100% cerified organic latex, their beds last longer than synthetic mattresses – so long, in fact, that they provide a 20-year warranty.

Do you know that traditional childrens’ mattresses contain polyurethane foam, formaldehyde and even chlorinated tris, a chemical that was banned years ago in childrens’ clothing? I didn’t.

At Mountain Air Organic Beds, they would never use such toxic chemicals in any of their beds. Their Generations 7″ childrens’ mattress and Gen-Z crib mattress are organically made from 100% all-natural latex, 100% organic cotton and wool – nothing else. So there are no moster “toxic flame retardants” hiding under your bed in dust bunnies.