Importance of Toxic-Free Toys for Children

Madeline: Posted 01/05/2016

A walk down the toy aisle at the store can be overwhelming for a parent, because there are so many toys to choose from. How do you pick the best present for your child? Surprisingly, many parents aren’t aware that most of these toys should be avoided, because they were manufactured with toxic compounds that can be dangerous to your child’s health.

Toys for Your Children

It is a fundamental need for children to play, and they have creative minds that bring a story to life with the right toys. Play time is essential to boost their development, and it also has positive benefits on other life patterns such as sleeping and eating. As a parent, you should encourage your children to play, and one of the ways to encourage this behavior is by providing them the toys that are needed to spark their creativity.

But, it is essential that you are careful about the toys that are offered to your child, especially since there are so many toys that are quite dangerous for the child’s health. A seemingly harmless, brightly colored toy might look like a lot of fun… but there is danger lurking in the chemical compounds that were used to make the toy.

What Types of Non-Toxic Toys Do You Need?

Babies and small children deserve to be protected by the parents, which means that you need to monitor the quality of toys that come into your home. Instead of choosing the common plastic toys that are so frequent in our modern world, it is best to stick with non-toxic materials instead.

Look for companies with a good reputation in toy manufacturing, because these businesses are selective about the quality and source of materials that are used in their toys. Common materials that you can be looking for include organic cotton, non-toxic wood, and other similar materials that come from organic sources.

Why are Toxic Toys Sold in the Stores?

Don’t assume that a product is safe just because it is sold in the store. Some parents think that there are laws and regulations protecting young children from the dangerous products that can be harmful to human health. It is true that certain materials and products have been banned, but there are still a number of harmful materials that are used in toy production.

The truth is that most of the materials that are used in toy manufacturing haven’t actually be tested for safety. These materials are quite toxic, and babies and young children are highly susceptible to toxicity since their bodies are so small. It is essential to protect your child while they are growing, especially because these dangerous materials could potential harm their developing brain, nervous system, and other important functions within the body.

Toy manufacturers are focused on the bottom line: they want to make as much money as possible, which means they need to reduce production costs and maximize profit. As a result, toxic materials are used in the manufacturing process because these materials are cheaper that non-toxic alternatives.

When a manufacturer is working to make a toy flame retardant, flexible, rigid, or durable, they need to add chemicals to the fabric, paint, and plastic. Some of the dangerous compounds that might end up in the toys include things such as lead, phthalates, arsenic, chlorine, cadmium, and more. Even if your child isn’t playing with the toy, the object can sit on the shelf and off-gas into the room, contaminating the air that your child is breathing. To make matters worse, the contamination increases when the child puts the toy in their mouth.

Simple is better for Young Children

One of the drawbacks of the popular toys today is the over-stimulation that they provide to the child’s brain. If young children are constantly entertained by a screen through video games or with non-stop audio sounds and music, it doesn’t leave much space for the child to be creative. Additionally, some of the toys might send the wrong message to your child, making it hard for you to teach the values that you want to maintain in your home.

Instead of filling the toy box with low quality toys based on popular TV shows, consider sticking with simple, natural toys instead. These products create a space where the child is able to foster the creative imagination, and they will find plenty of things to do with the toys. An example is a set of wooden blocks.

Even though it might not seem like much, the child will build forts, castles, dungeons, and roads out of the blocks. The possibilities are endless when the child has the tools and a time to let their imagination run free.


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