Health Coaching - An Inflection Point Toward a Healthy Life


ou know you need a change in your life. Something that can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Health coaching can be just what you need so that you can become that better version of yourself that you have always craved. With the help of a specialized coach with heaps of personal and professional experience, you can make that happen quickly and effortlessly.

After becoming pregnant with my son, Lucas, I began questioning everything around me and started researching and exploring topics that I never thought about before. I read all about GMOs, chemicals in everyday products and the effect they have in the alarming rise of disease in the world.

This led me to the creation of and, eventually, to my decision to become a Holistic Health Coach.

Becoming a Health Coach means being in a position of tremendous responsibility, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to help you make a real change.


Choose From Two Plans That Will Help You Get In Touch With Your Inner Self And Be Who You Have Always Wanted


Kick Start Your
New Life

Kick start your new life with this personalized session to help you create a Holistic Wellness Plan for yourself. You will explore within your inner self and then outline your wellness goals to get to a mindset that will bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle.

Personal Support, a 1-on-1, one hour, coaching session in order to work on what is right for you.

Whole-Food Nutrition Strategies in order to help you learn how to replace the word diet with the word lifestyle.

Healing Therapies that are right for you, to get you on your way to feeling better.

Reach Whole Body Fitness, through your own personalized fitness plan.

First-Hand Advice, to help shape your personalized development program.

*Your Holistic Wellness Plan will be emailed to you within 24 hours.*


Go Beyond And Expand Your Lifestyle's Horizon

Enhance your Coaching Basic experience, taking your self-exploration to the next level with a multi-session program to get to know your own self in a deeper way. Work on a personalized Holistic Wellness Plan and get to that lifestyle you have always wanted.

Consistent Support. A series of five, one-on-one, one hour coaching sessions to help you explore your needs in depth.

Learn Whole-Food Nutrition Strategies to enhance your lifestyle and your wellness.

Healing Therapies that tap into your inner needs and help you reach a new level of wellness.

Achieve Whole Body Fitness, and your personal potential, through a customized exercise plan.

First-Hand Advice, from personal experience and extensive research, to get your personalized development program in tune with your wellness goals.

Customized 7-Day Meal Plan to show you how your lifestyle can benefit from a specialized designed balanced menu.

30 minute Distance Reiki Session to get you started on your path to long term healing.

*Your Holistic Wellness Plan will be emailed to you within 24 hours.*



Foster a personal and special relationship to achieve maximum results.

Create an atmosphere of trust, good energy and connectedness.

Develop solid communications to spark clear ideas for a unique health plan.

Acquire a new sense of self-awareness through evaluation of your personal needs.

Promote an individual wellness vision by connecting to your own internal needs.

Outline the blueprint for full personal wellness with the confidence of having a professional guide you along the way.


Discover your own self by evaluating your patterns and the impact they have in your life.

Master outstanding nutrition habits and adopt a proven and effective workout plan designed just for you.

Attain your ideal weight through your new lifestyle and take control of your body.

Pinpoint the obstacles you may inadvertently be placing in front of you which may be preventing from having a healthier lifestyle.

Recognize the toxic components you may currently be using to be able to protect your family from all possible harm.

Feel better, be stronger and decidedly get on your way to the new you.


Lauren Andrews

December 2015

When I met Madeline, I had no idea how unhealthy I was eating. What I did know was that I wasn’t feeling my best and I wasn’t happy with my body. Madeline helped me to develop much more healthy eating habits and opened my eyes to the world of eating organic. Madeline taught me how to read labels and, also, how important it is to stay away from ingredients such as artificial flavoring and dyes, along with many other things. She also introduced me to the company Purium. She taught me how to make a truly healthy, organic, shake to have for breakfast in the morning. At the time we met, I decided I really needed to reset my body. I wanted a fresh start and that’s when Madeline told me all about the 10-day transformation cleanse by Purium. I was down 10 pounds in 10 days and no longer had a bloated feeling in my stomach. I no longer craved caffeine or sugar. I honestly can’t thank Madeline enough for all she has taught me. She has helped me to feel 100% better and to be healthier overall, which I have passed along to my boyfriend and my family. Several times a week I catch myself saying, “I learned from Madeline...”


Jonni Wood

December 2016

I am so blessed to have Madeline beside me on my new exciting journey. Although I have been able to make huge strides in many aspects of my life, my weight has continued to plague me. I have tried every diet mentioned; from patches and nose sprays to shakes and starvation; however, my weight continued to rise. A few months ago, I saw a post on social media from Madeline asking if anyone would be interested in a health coach, someone to plan and prepare meals, instruct on reading labels and how to shop for groceries, as well as offer exercise tips. This is something I have never tried, so I decided to call – this was the best decision I have ever made. She respected me and my beliefs and didn’t try to push her beliefs on me. She gave me the information and allowed me to make my own informed decision. I am more confident than I have ever been and, with her help and guidance, I have lost 30 pounds. Madeline is the person you want beside you, encouraging you; I feel like I can move mountains with her on my side. Madeline, you have been, and are, a blessing to me. Thank you!!”

Esther Grondahl

March 2017

I am so grateful for Madeline's expertise in helping me get healthy. I filled out a questionnaire at the start of our work together. She is thorough and gave me simple steps to follow, so I could take better care of myself, eat the foods that help me shed excess weight, and feel good about myself. I have lost 20 lbs. so far. Madeline really cares. She focuses on the whole picture, physical and spiritual health. She messages me and encourages me. Do yourself a favor and hire her to guide you. I am forever thankful I did. I feel better about my body and feel better in my skin!”



Kick Start Your
New Life

Coaching Basic consists of one coaching session to help you create a personalized Holistic Wellness Plan for you. We will gather information during the initiation and exploration stages, in order to outline your wellness goals and point out what you need to help you achieve a shift in your mindset to a healthier lifestyle.


Go Beyond And Expand Your Lifestyle's Horizon

Coaching Pro enhances the experience you get with Coaching Basic, offering a multi-session program in order to take the exploration and planning of your new and improved lifestyle to the next level. We will work on a personalized Holistic Wellness Plan and this will give you the chance to explore more deeply your current way of life, identify more areas that may need attention and carefully look into various healing modalities and strategies to improve your health and your lifestyle.