Choosing the Best Type of Yogurt

Madeline: Posted 04/12/2014

Yogurt is an important part of a healthy diet because it provides your body with the “probiotics” that are needed for optimal health. Probiotics are beneficial types of bacteria that improve gut health, help to strengthen the immune system, and they also help to reduce the population of unhealthy bacteria in your body.

When people hear about the health benefits of yogurt, they want to add it to their diet in order to enjoy better health. The problem is that many types of conventional brands of yogurt aren’t as healthy as they would seem because of the processing and added ingredients that reduce the nutritional benefits of the yogurt. These are a few factors that you should watch for:

Fat-Free vs. Whole Milk

Whole milk yogurt contains the best nutrition, and it has the highest source of certain vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to boost your health.

Typically, conventional yogurt is made using low-fat milk because many people mistakenly think that low-fat is healthier. The flavor suffers because it is low-fat, so the manufacturer often adds extra sugar to make it taste better.

The added sugar can be a big problem… certain brands of yogurt have more sugar than a single serving of vanilla ice cream! So, skip the low-fat brand, and choose a full-fat variety instead.

Simple Yogurt or Added Ingredients

Most types of yogurt have an added sweetener to make it taste better. It is ok to have a little bit of sweetener, as long as it is the right kind, but conventional brands of yogurt are often filled with high amounts of sugar.

Watch the ingredient labels for real and fake sources of sugar and sweeteners. Avoid these ingredients: corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sugar, or any other type of sweetener or sugar substitute.

The best option is to select a simple brand with fewer ingredients, in order to avoid the unhealthy additives that are commonly found in conventional brands of yogurt.

Organic or Non-Organic Yogurt

Other articles on my blog have discussed the dangerous and unhealthy side-effects that occur when cows are factory farmed. Eating non-organic yogurt means that the milk was produced from cows which were raised in disease-filled, confined spaces. Those animals are fed GMO-filled diets, and they are treated with many types of medications and antibiotics in order to try to prevent the diseases that are so common in factory farmed cows.

Stay far away from any type of non-organic dairy product! Instead, choose an organic brand that sources the milk from healthy, pasture-raised cows.

Buying the Best Yogurt

When you go shopping, you should keep all of these factors in mind as you are making your decision about the brand to buy. The best option is organic Greek yogurt made with whole milk because it comes from healthy cows and still has the good fat content within the yogurt. Additionally, look for a brand that has added probiotics, in order to get an extra boost to the healthy bacteria that supports better digestion and good immune support.

One particular brand I like is Wallaby Organic. I recommend choosing the Plain flavor and adding organic fruits, like strawberries and blueberries. If it’s too bland for you, you can add natural sweetners like organic stevia, molasses, or organic coconut sugar. In addition, you can add organic hemp seeds, organic chia seeds for extra protein and fiber. Topping it off with cinammon gives it a little kick and it has exellent benefits overall. Greek yogurt is a great snack that will most certainly fill your tummy. Remember, always read the label and check the ingredients before making your final decision.



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