Are There Dangers Lurking in Your All-Natural Laundry Soap?

Madeline: Posted 04/10/2017

In my quest to live as naturally as possible, I make sure I do everything I can to offer myself and my family the safest products possible. Doing our best to make more conscious choices when it comes to the products we use means ensuring that what we purchase is as natural, safe, and free from toxic ingredients that manufacturers claim.

When I first realized that there aren’t any strict regulations on the claims companies can make regarding their products, I also realized something else. Any manufacturer can claim to offer an “all-natural” product…and it can be full of toxic ingredients!

All Laundry Soap is NOT Created Equal…

Conventional laundry detergents are loaded with toxic chemicals that not only pollute our water systems and land but can also be seriously damaging to our health. Some of the most common ingredients you’ll find in your natural laundry soap are anything but “all-natural”. Following are some of the harmful chemicals that could still be hiding in your “green” detergent.

  • EDTA: Reduces mineral hardness in water and prevents bleaching agents from being active until added to water. EDTA is a known skin irritant that can lead to skin rashes, allergies, and asthma. It has also shown to re-dissolve toxic heavy metals into the environment, which reintroduces them to the food chain.
  • Sodium Sulfate: A respiratory irritant that can cause asthma attacks. It has also shown to be severely irritating to the eyes and skin.
  • Phenols: Phenols are a toxin absorbed quickly into the skin that can cause several reactions including swelling, hives, and pimples. Phenols are also an assumed carcinogen.
  • Linear alkyl sodium sulfonates (LAS): Better known as synthetic surfactants, these are a fairly common ingredient in laundry soap. They basically help water attach to dirt and grease and then wash it away. The problem with surfactants however, is that a large number of surfactant containing wastewater are discharged into the environment, resulting in harming aquatic life, polluting the water and endangering human health.
  • Optical Brighteners: Make clothes appear to be whiter. They can cause allergic reactions when subjected skin is later exposed to the sun. They have also been shown to cause bacterial mutations and are toxic to fish.
  • Ammonia: Is known to cause burns. Has shown to cause cataracts and can damage the cornea. Exposure to ammonia over a long period can cause pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • Artificial Fragrance: Known to cause allergies. Can also lead to eye or skin irritation.

When I realized that all or some of these ingredients could still be lurking in my laundry detergent, I made it my mission to find a laundry detergent that I could not only trust but that actually got our clothes clean. I reviewed (and tried) several “green laundry detergents”, and while some lived up to my expectations, I wasn’t sold on any particular product until I found Pure.

Pure Natural Laundry Detergent Has “Cleaned Up” the Way I Do Laundry

When I discovered Pure Natural Laundry Detergent, the way I viewed laundry detergent was changed forever. Pure Natural is not only derived from pure ingredients, but it gets it cleaning power from a fruit from the Himalayan Mountains called “soap berries.” Harvested from the Sapindus mukorossi tree, soap berries are native to India and Nepal but can be found in both the western and eastern hemispheres. They’ve become increasingly popular as a natural way to get clothes clean because they contain saponins, a natural surfactant.

Pure Natural Laundry Detergent is full of ingredients that not only get clothes clean but are actually beneficial for the health of myself, my family, and the environment. Made with organic aloe, non-GMO coconut soap, non-GMO vegetable glycerin (from sustainable palm oil), non-GMO xanthan gum, non -GMO sodium gluconate (a natural cleaner used to help with hard water), and natural phenethyl alcohol (to prevent bacterial growth), this laundry soap is truly some of the most “natural” I’ve found…and does an amazing job at keeping our clothes clean. I cloth diaper my daughter and was pleasantly surprised with how well this detergent worked against odor. Finding a good detergent had been a struggle for awhile.

The MADE SAFE Seal of Approval

What’s more is Pure is MADE SAFE certified. In case you missed my blog that talked about why “toxic free” is better than “all-natural” where I first mentioned MADE SAFE, this company is revolutionizing natural products. With the MADE SAFE seal of approval, you are ensured that the products you’re purchasing are safe and don’t contain any harmful ingredients that could damage you, your family, or the health of the environment.

I’m passionate about supporting companies that are dedicated to offering the best natural, toxic-free products. Poofy Organics has been one of my favorite companies since the day I discovered them, and is my go-to for products like dish, body, and hand soap. They used to made laundry detergent which I loved; however, they have discontinued the product. And since discovering Pure, I’ve now found my new go-to for laundry soap I feel confident using for myself and my family.

We can all make choices that directly influence the health of ourselves, our family, and the environment. I’m dedicated to ensuring that I’m not only offering my own family the best all-natural, toxic-free products, but to sharing what I learn with others as well. I would love to hear about your experience with Pure or other laundry detergents you’ve found that are keeping your family safe and your clothes clean.



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