“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

~ Hippocrates

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be who you’ve always been.”

Hi! I’m Madeline, a mother, wife, educator, activist and health coach. Although I am originally from New York, I now live in Tennessee where I am helping others reach their wellness goals and leading them in the journey to organic living. My life has been one of service to others and I became a health coach to be able to reach more people and empower them to take control of their health through nutrition and vital lifestyle choices. Our life is all about choices.

My Life as a Teacher

I am a Special Education Teacher certified by the State of New York with a Bachelor of Special Education from Dowling College, a Master’s Degree from StonyBrook University and a Master’s Certificate in Autism from the University of Brooklyn.


This academic and professional experience, developed in the last 14 years, has helped me to work successfully with many children of different ages and backgrounds. It was very rewarding to guide them through their own journey of learning and self-discovery. I am also a neuro-sensory Interactive Metronome specialist, a Listening Program Coach and a Health Coach. I recently became a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and am currently working on becoming a Master Herbalist.


My Journey

Becoming pregnant with my son, Lucas, was a life changing experience. Knowing that I had a little life growing inside of me that I had to care for, opened my eyes to ideas and topics that I had never thought about before.


I began to read, research and explore genetically modified foods, chemicals in foods, beauty, bath, and home products and their influence in the rise of disease, preventive methods, natural remedies and the wonders that organic eating can do for us.


My findings changed my life forever! I felt frightened, alarmed, astounded and fascinated, all at the same time.


This journey gave way to a new Momma Maddy and the birth of Mommas Organics.


Organics was born in 2014 with the aim to educate consumers and bring awareness to them, so they can make informed decisions in one of the most important matters in life: their health.

  • first_mission_section_image My mission

    Many followers of urged me to continue speaking the truth about healthy living. They wanted to know how they could apply those principles in their own lives. Keeping that in mind, I decided that the mission of this brand new project was to create a website where I could bring you wholefood nutrition, alternative healing therapies, whole body fitness and overall wellness through expert advice and personalized health coaching.

  • second_mission_section_image

    The great potential behind this idea helped me to decide to be a health coach and set the goal of changing a million lives in that process.


    Today, I have continued expanding my knowledge and expertise on health and wellness in order to be more effective in relaying this information to others and mentor more individuals along the way. While is a platform for the masses, my passion and purpose as a Dr. Sears Health Coach is to connect with individuals on a more personal basis, working one-on-one or in smaller groups to assist in laying the foundation for a new and healthier lifestyle through whole-food nutrition.